5 Mind-Blowing Stories Behind Famous Car Logos

Logos represent their brand and are often what makes or breaks the visual identity of a company.

In the automobile world, logos are probably the first thing you notice in someone’s car. Not to mention how easily we recognize these brands from a mere symbol.

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So, what made these logos so special? And what do they represent? Let’s find out!

1- Audi

The famous 4 interconnected circles. This logo is one of the easiest to recognise in the automobile world. But what is its backstory?

While no official statement has been released regarding the meaning of the logo, the company we know today as AUDI  is the result of 4 entities merging together back in 1932.

These companies were Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, and were formerly known as the Auto Union AG.

It is believed that each of the 4 circles represent one of the original companies.

Audi Trivia:

This prestigious logo caused the company some trouble in 1995, when the German automotive company was sued by the Olympics for copyright infringement.

No one can deny the similarity between the two logos, but the difference is quite obvious as well.

The court ruled in favor of Audi, hence why they still use the logo to this day.

2- Mercedes-Benz

A sharp, three-pointed, chrome star. The logo that is so recognizable we often call any shape that resembles it a “Mercedes”.

The star’s points represent land, sea, and air. And the circle surrounding the star symbolizes the company’s ambition to dominate transportation in all environments.

Mercedes-Benz Trivia:

The logo we know today wasn’t the first attempt at a symbol for Mercedes.

Back in 1909, the company’s first badge was a black oval shape with the capitalized name in the middle.

The first variation of the logo we know today was in 1919, where a flamboyant three-point yellow and red star first appeared.

3- BMW

Another easily recognizable one, which is known to represent a spinning airplane propeller.

But wait until you find out that BMW’s famous symbol was unintentional. It has quite an interesting backstory.

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works. When the company first started advertising, it did not have an actual logo, only the acronym that represented the brand.

Later in 1917, the company got its first badge, a circular shape with a black edge that held the company’s name, and the inner circle was 4 quarters colored white and blue, the official colors of the German State of Bavaria, the home of the automobile manufacturer.

The airplane propeller story actually comes from an advertisement in 1929. The ad was promoting an aircraft engine the company was working on. And it showed the logo on the spinning propeller of the airplane.

BMW Trivia:

Although the interpretation of the logo is not 100% accurate, the company has not denied the meaning, and has actually acknowledged the hidden meaning of the spinning propeller as a myth that stands to this day.

4- Hyundai

At first glance, the meaning behind the Japanese car manufacturer’s logo is quite clear, it is the initial of the company’s name. However, the meaning goes a little deeper than just that.

The italicized “H” also represents two people shaking hands, and it symbolizes the strong bond between the company and its customers, as the handshake stands for agreement.

Hyundai Trivia:

When it comes to the coloring of the logo, the blue represents reliability and excellence, while the silver stands for supremacy and excellence.

5- Chevrolet

A simple yet iconic emblem. This logo comes from the co-founder of the company, William C. Durant.

Durant introduced Chevy’s symbol in 1913 after getting inspiration from a wallpaper in a Parisian hotel, according to a statement published in Chevrolet’s 50th anniversary in 1961.

He tore a piece of the paper to show his friends that it would make a good name plate for a car.

Chevrolet Trivia:

Several backstories exist for this symbol, 2 of which come from within Durant’s family.

In 1929, Durant’s daughter said in a book titled “My Father”, that her father used to doodle at the dinner table, and one time he came up with the now-famous logo.

Another backstory, this time with Durant’s wife as the source of information. In 1986, Chevrolet Pro Management Magazine recalled an interview with Duran’t widow, Catherine, 13 years after it occurred.

During the interview, Catherine said that in 1912, she and her husband were on a vacation, and he was inspired by a symbol in a newspaper. But she was unable to determine what the symbol was or how it inspired Durant.

There is also an interpretation that says the shape is a variation of the Swiss cross, which is the home country of co-founder Louis Chevrolet.

Logos hold many meanings, and some people come up with their own unique meaning of the symbol, but that doesn’t change the huge impact a good emblem holds in the life and fame of a company.

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