Tips For Choosing A Great Tarot Reader Without Wasting Money

It can be hard and expensive to find good tarot card readers. When you think about how much tarot readers charge, it doesn’t make sense to keep going to different ones to find a good one. 

 1. Find out as much as you can about the Tarot card readers near me

Read the “about us” page to learn more about a tarot reader. How do they usually read tarot cards? Are they helpful, spiritual, intuitive, or able to predict the future? Do they get to the point, or do they just talk about the cards for a long time?

Do they think of themselves as prophets, spiritual leaders, counselors, or something else? It’s also essential to know their thoughts about the tarot and how it works is also important. Also, you should know what kind of reading you want so you know what to look for.

2. Look at the reviews, feedback, and testimonials

You will want to work with a tarot reader who cares about your happiness. Most reputable tarot online readers are happy to share customer reviews and feedback about their services. You can also do a Google search to find more reviews and feedback.

Asking a friend who has had a good experience with a tarot reader for a recommendation can also help you find a good one. But remember that just because a psychic helped your friend doesn’t mean they will help you.

3. Think about how you know the person

Before getting a reading from a psychic, it can be hard to tell if you have a personal connection with them. However, you can sense your connection with a tarot reader by looking at their profile and photo, asking them questions, and exploring their website.

If the psychic has a blog, read some of their posts to get a feel for their style.

If you still have doubts or don’t feel like you have a connection, keep looking.

Don’t just say bad things about a reader because your friend said so. You might be surprised if you get along with a reader your friend says isn’t a good reader. Ultimately, it comes down to what you like and what fits you best.

4. Ask for Tarot readings from the past.

You can also tell if a tarot reader is right for you by looking at a sample reading they have done. Even though not many tarot readers are doing this yet, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

By looking at a sample tarot reading, you can get an idea of how long a typical reading is, how the reader interprets the cards, how they read, and so on.

5. Ask about their experience and if they have a license.

Some people are certified to read tarot cards and have titles like “Certified Tarot Master.” You should keep in mind, though, that certification is not required and is a matter of personal choice. A tarot reader doesn’t have to be certified to be correct.

People who read tarot cards can join reputable groups, like the American Tarot Association.

You should also think about what the reader already knows. How long have they been reading the tarot? Do they blog or teach how to read tarot cards? Do they have any other skills in the same area?

6. Find out the specifics

What do you pay for, exactly?

For example, if you buy a one-card tarot reading, will you get a detailed reading about that card or just a few keywords? When you pay for a 12-card tarot spread, will they explain what each card means?

Find out what you’ll get for your money. How long is the treading going to be? How many tarot cards were picked? Will they talk about each card?

Also, don’t forget to tell them about your past tarot readings. After the reading, will you be able to ask questions? How soon will they answer your question? What do you do if you want your money back?

7. Think about the code of conduct

Trustworthy tarot readers will have a list of when they can and cannot read the cards. It can mean not reading to children, discussing legal, financial, or medical issues, and not reading to third parties without their permission.

Every reader has their own rules, so make sure you know what those rules are.

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