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The cleaning jobs that Airbnb hosts offer travellers are surprisingly similar to those that traditional hotels offer. The difference, however, is that Airbnb hosts do not charge travellers extra for using their rooms. They provide an incentive for tourists to stay at their homes—they offer them a chance to earn money doing something fun, but also good for the environment.

In its first year of operation, Airbnb enabled millions of travellers to earn extra money by offering their homes as lodging to tourists. With an estimated one-third of all rooms booked through the platform, Airbnb is one of the world’s leading players in the sharing economy.

Cleaning jobs are a huge part of Airbnb’s business, and they recently posted some fascinating stats about how much they’re helping people around the world stay in clean places.

Airbnb Cleaning Job

With Airbnb, Chesky believes that he can bring together all of these services under one roof, with the potential to make people’s lives much easier. To achieve this, he created a platform that allows people to search for these services, book, pay, and get matched up with one another. He believes that this will ultimately lead to better customer service.

Airbnb’s business model is based on two things:

1) a high-quality experience for guests, and

2) the sharing of value between guests and hosts.

They had been cleaning for three years, but they wanted to be more strategic about the way they were spending their time. By giving them an extra $30,000 per year to clean an additional 1,600 homes, the company was able to provide a cleaner version of itself that the cleaners found more fulfilling and appreciated. 

Airbnb’s Cleaning Job Listings

They’re called ‘Clean Listings,’ and in this guide, we’ll walk you through all the components, and why they are so important. To start with, what is a Clean Listing? A Clean Listing is an ad that’s clean and stands out. Think about the last time you went through your inbox and read through all of your emails. Chances are, you’ll notice that many of them are ads or sponsored messages. These messages stand out in your inbox because they’re often bright colours or contain lots of bold text

At the end of April 2014, Airbnb launched its new clean jobs listings category. The new feature allows Airbnb hosts to put up their cleaning jobs. As Airbnb puts it, “Hosts can now easily add their cleaning services, from housekeeping, laundry, pet care, and food delivery to landscaping and maintenance, all within one place.”

How Airbnb Uses Technology

“For people to truly love technology, it needs to serve its users as a seamless and magical part of their life. That’s why Airbnb does everything it can to keep its user experience at the forefront of our minds. As the first tech company to build a massive self-service technology platform (Airbnb), we’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of having a frictionless experience for our users.”

Airbnb Cleaning Jobs in the U.S.

Airbnb offers a wide range of cleaning jobs in over 1,300 cities across the United States. These include housecleaning, building cleaning, lawn care, and pet sitting. The company even provides a “laundry services” option, which can include washing clothes and sheets. The service costs around $30 per week and includes two visits per month.

Airbnb Cleaning Jobs Around the World

Airbnb’s approach to hiring cleaners to offer cleaning services in different cities around the world is something that many of us can relate to. By providing services across the globe, Airbnb creates a demand for workers who are ready to do whatever it takes to find clients. But rather than rely on the traditional method of advertising for cleaners, Airbnb is taking a different route. Instead of relying on local networks to find new clients, Airbnb offers to pay its workers full-time salaries for every successful booking and keeps all the profits. So Airbnb is not only attracting people from local networks but from all over the world as well.

Airbnb’s Concept

Before Airbnb launched the concept, there were very few jobs available online. Now there are thousands of people who list their cleaning services on sites like Airbnb and TaskRabbit. People who are looking for short-term cleaning jobs can hire someone from across the world. They are doing so through an online platform that connects them with local people. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Airbnb’s Techniques

To prove its point, the company used three techniques:

First, they showed a series of slides depicting the job opportunities in a selection of Airbnb cities, along with a short video highlighting the experience;

Second, they sent emails to hundreds of hosts asking them to complete a quick survey about the experience, and

Third, they used social media, including Facebook ads, to solicit responses directly from Airbnb users.


In conclusion, Airbnb’s approach to hiring the best employees was to make them passionate about cleaning. But then let them design their jobs. That allowed the company to fill jobs with a broad spectrum of individuals who weren’t just looking for a job but were also interested in learning new skills. By putting its employees into the best roles, Airbnb made its cleaning operations more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

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